Industrial Heaters

sri Balaji Heat Engineers are making all kinds of Industrial Heaters like Air Heaters , Long Life U shape Air Heaters, Long Life Finned U shaped Air Heaters, Strip Heaters, Strip Finned Heaters, Cartridge Brass Heaters, Power Saving Heaters, Tubular Air Heaters, Mica Band and Nozzle Heaters, Air Duct Heaters, Industrial Water or Oil Immersion Heaters and Bobbin Type Immersion Heaters. Our heaters are made from high quality materials and manufactured under strict quality controls. Every heater is tested to meet or exceed current ISI test standards. We can deliver many custom heaters quickly and cost effectively. All this at the best rates in the industry.

Air Duct Heaters

Air Duct Heaters
  • Sri Balaji Heat Engineers make Air Duct Heaters are used for process gas heating, drying ovens, air preheating, paint drying and curing, heat treating and more. Various terminal housings and control options available. Air duct heaters are designed for heating low pressure air or gases. Sri Balaji Heat Engineers make series air duct heaters are constructed with stainless steel tubular finned elements mounted in a stainless/ MS flange with operating temperatures up to 400 A° C. These electric process heaters can be designed to fit rectangular ductwork and can be supplied with transition sections when used on circular or smaller ducts.

  • Features::

  • Element can be individually replaceable on site without the need of any special tools. Termination Box if required can be made weatherproof to IP:66 & IP: 67.

  • Various type of over temperature cut outs available such as Thermostat, RTD or Thermocouples.

  • Applications:

  • Air Handling Units, Drying Oven, Furnace Heating.

  • Space Heating.

  • HVAC Duct Heating.

  • Drying Oven.

  • Furnace Heating.

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