Industrial Heaters

sri Balaji Heat Engineers are making all kinds of Industrial Heaters like Air Heaters , Long Life U shape Air Heaters, Long Life Finned U shaped Air Heaters, Strip Heaters, Strip Finned Heaters, Cartridge Brass Heaters, Power Saving Heaters, Tubular Air Heaters, Mica Band and Nozzle Heaters, Air Duct Heaters, Industrial Water or Oil Immersion Heaters and Bobbin Type Immersion Heaters. Our heaters are made from high quality materials and manufactured under strict quality controls. Every heater is tested to meet or exceed current ISI test standards. We can deliver many custom heaters quickly and cost effectively. All this at the best rates in the industry.

Cartridge Brass Heaters

Cartridge Brass Heaters
  • Cartridge heaters are designed for moderate watt density with shock and vibration resistance. Close and even spacing between wire and inside of sheath is maintained for good heat transfer.

  • Applications:

  • Heating of Manifolds.

  • Heating of Dies.

  • Heating of Planets.

  • Heating of Hot stamping.

  • Packaging Machines.

  • injection Mounding Machine

  • Extrusion Machines.

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